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Introduction: Axium dual-architecture

General Concept:

The AXIUM terminal is a two in one terminal with a:

  • Merchant access with full compliant Android device
  • Client access for payment with a secure device

Each parts are independent and has its own CPU, display and other peripherals.

The dialog between the two entities is done through a dedicated specific secured interface.

All communication devices are managed by the “Android” part.

The payment module, card reader and USB peripherals are managed by the secure module based on “ISLERO” cpu.


General Concept:

The internal system is divided in 2 element:

  • Merchant Access based on Android system is dedicated to merchant interaction and providing a large screen/
  • Client access based on Islero module and providing all the payment secured mechanism

The interconnection is made by an Ingenico design specific interface providing a high security level to preventing attack from Android.




Optionally, the Axium terminal is delivered with its dedicated docking station embedding a printer and connectivity peripherals. This module enable also to connect up to three external USB devices among:

  • USB Scanner
  • USB external Printer
  • USB Cash Drawer
  • ..



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