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Join Ingenico's developer community to build strong in store digital apps and services for merchants on our latest generation of smart terminals.

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Leverage our extensive worldwide network of acquirers with presence in more that 170 countries to distribute your apps. Ingenico has led the payment terminal industry for more than 35 years. We offer the widest range of smart terminals, which combine cutting-edge technologies with the highest security requirements and can be paired with POS management services.

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Telium TETRA

Telium TETRA

Our smart terminals and payment modules cover all points of transactions, be they unattended, multilane, in-store, outdoor or mobile. They meet the latest security standards and support any cashless payment method. Their multimedia possibilities offer a rich consumer experience to many industries, including hospitality, retail, vending, banks & acquirers, petrol and transportation.



This platform offers a rich base to create incredible consumer experience and an easy integration of business applications with payments.




An all-in-one compact solution, enabling the combination of payment acceptance and business applications on a full android environment.



AECR C9 and AECR C5 are smart and interactive cash registers. They leverage Android environment to offer a rich set of applications.


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  • Thanks to the Ingenico Ecosystem, we have been able to develop our software solutions on various types of equipments in order to offer our partners the best global solution.

    Romain Meriau Co-Founder, Fülle Apps