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Environment setup

I) Request a Nexus Account 

To build your application(s) with Ingenico libraries, those need to be fetched using gradle (in Android studio) from what is called a NEXUS repository (a server that stores the libraries), registered developers need to submit a support request or send us an email to obtain Nexus credentials.

There is a mail address to request a Nexus Account:  partner.helpdesk@ingenico.com

II) Setup Environment in Android Studio 

To Use Ingenico APIs you have to install Android Studio and Android SDK

Once Android Environment installed you have to :

    1. Create or update the file gradle.properties in your root project (see picture below)

    • Inside this file add the mavenUser And the mavenPassword
      • mavenUser=your_nexus_login
      • mavenPassword=your_nexus_password
  1. Update the file build.gradle in your root project
    • add the maven repository in your buildscript and allprojects
      maven {
                  credentials {
                      username mavenUser
                      password mavenPassword
                  url "https://nexus-ingenico.zeeagency.com/repository/ANDROID_API_Releases/"
  2. Update the file build.gradle in your root project
    • add the API dependencies
          implementation 'com.ingenico.sdk:ingenico-api:2.11.1'


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