An all-in-one compact solution, enabling the combination of payment acceptance and business applications on a full android environment.

Facilitate commerce for merchants in store and on the move.

APOS A8 is a mobile and compact all-in-one point of sale, that brings merchant business to the next level. It allows merchant to benefit from a state-of-the-art user experience and functionalities derived from the smartphone industry. APOS A8 speeds up the checkout process and enables rich use cases such as ECR, loyalty, parcel delivery or location-based services. It also accept standard and new payment methods based on QR codes and leverages existing Ingenico services and expertise.
APOS A8 is supported by Ingenico’s suite of services, including the Customer Care Program to deliver a day-to-day support and the Estate Manager solution to manage remotely and efficiently all Ingenico’s devices updates. All these services guarantee terminals’ availability, reliability and security to make business run smoothly.