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The Marketplace is part of our Global Telium TETRA offer which allows value-added services to be deployed in the payment value chain.  This seamless integration is made possible thanks to the new Telium TETRA Operating System combining payment & business. By capitalizing on the universal HTML 5 web language, Ingenico Group allows the development of innovative consumer-centric business apps, such as couponing, advertising, satisfaction surveys, that open to new commerce experience.


Unique business apps & payment combination

Developing HTML5 Apps for the Telium TETRA platform

With a user-friendly interface, openness to web standards and security at its core, Telium TETRA Operating System is the foundation of the new Telium TETRA suite of offerings.

With its proven OS for payment, and openness to worldwide apps with a standard and secure HTML5 web OS to develop and address new use cases in payment terminals, Telium TETRA supports Web Apps developed with standard web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The Telium TETRA Web OS is designed to run multiple web apps in parallel and provide easy and secure access to the native platform features and external servers.

with your own regular development tools, using most of the popular JavaScript frameworks and get your app ready with Ingenico’s tools for debugging, packaging and testing.

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The boarding process to become an Ingenico Marketplace Partner is simple.

Send us an email at to contact us.

You will receive our development tools licence agreements and you will be granted access to the developer portal and to the web app support upon signature.




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