Introducing Telium Tetra

Boost sales on-the-go
with a world of Business Apps.

The new Telium Tetra range of Ingenico POS terminals with integrated App Marketplace.
Become a partner and release applications for millions of potential merchants among our worldwide network.

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Meet the Ingenico Marketplace.

Leverage a universal web standard for the development of Business Apps & offer innovative services and reach new merchant segments.

Application developers can either be independent participants, or can be part of a Service Publisher team. They develop HTML5 applications that can then be installed on HTML5-compatible Telium TETRA terminals.

Service publishers publish and sell value-added applications in the Marketplace. Their target clients are merchants who have an HTML5-compatible Telium TETRA terminal. After applications are published on the AppMarket and selected by an estate owner, they will be available for sale through the Estate Owner’s Customised AppStore.

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Secure in payment.
Open to creativity.

The Desk, Move and Lane series 5000 are game changers, opening the payment terminals to a new world of Business Apps.

Backed by 30 years of experience, the TELIUM Tetra Operating System is the perfect combination of Ingenico Group’s legacy in payment expertise and openness to the web. It embeds the best security mechanisms to protect transaction privacy, while enabling the deployment of appealing HTML5 web-based rich media business apps.

Download the Telium Tetra brochure

You are just three steps away from publishing an app.

The Ingenico Developers platform, ran by the Marketplace Partners & Developers relations office, is here to guide you from start to scratch during the development and publication process of your business apps. We provide a marketplace of business apps where estate owners, publishers and merchants can meet to create new consumer experience.


Become a partner and get your Developer Kit

You can get on board by signing a partner developer agreement (ISDP), which is a contract giving you access to our developer tools and ressources.
You will gain access to all the developer knowledge base and support center, and we will ship you a developer kit containing an unlocked development terminal.

Access the developer knowledge base & support and build your application

With its proven OS for payment, and openness to worldwide apps with a standard and secure HTML5 web OS to develop and address new use cases in payment terminals, Telium TETRA supports Web Apps developed with standard web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Create apps for Telium TETRA with your own regular development tools, using most of the popular JavaScript frameworks and get your app ready with Ingenico’s tools for debugging, packaging and testing.


Release your application in the Publisher portal

The Marketplace provides an end-to-end solution for publishing, managing and selling applications on TETRA terminals.
After applications are published on the AppMarket and selected by an estate owner, they will be available for sale through the Estate Owner’s Customised AppStore, if the estate owner chooses to do so.

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