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Learn more about our trusted partners who are leveraging our Smart Terminals technologies to build applications and solutions.


Founded in 2014, Touché is a Singapore-based technology company whose leading solution delivers highly secure, personalised experiences for merchants and customers.Touché’s solution re-invents the point of interaction. The merchants have the ability to know their clients and to have historic and predictive AI based analytics on the buying behaviour of their customers. Touché provides the merchants the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns to increase their repeat business. It also provides operational efficiencies resulting in increased profitability. The customers have a wide choice of payment options including real-time redemption of their offers and loyalty points.
Touché offers its solution on Ingenico’s leading Android point-of-sale (POS) platform Axium and beyond. This will pave the way for digitally connected stores and enriched business relevant campaigns, creating more cross-channel commerce and enabling merchants to grow their business. Touché is headquartered in Singapore with offices currently in Barcelona, Tokyo and Dubai.


Epos Now are world leading, cloud-based, ePOS software provider proven with over 40,000 customers across both retail and hospitality sectors. Operating predominately with SMEs, Epos Now’s USPs include an award winning App Store with over 100 applications, multi-award winning customer support and an ability to operate in over 50 verticals.
Epos Now partnered with Ingenico in 2017 to build a business in a box solution, utilising the Inegnico iPOS hardware and payments, with Epos Now’s software application. They continue to partner on new product developments to combine expertise. Epos Now have offices in UK and US, a franchise in Australia and have resellers and merchants live across 100 geographies.


Founded in 1988, Lasersoft S.r.l, is an Italian leader of the restauration and hotel market with more than 30 000 installation. They provide leading software solutions for the Hospitality and Retail industries.The goal that guides the activities of their company is aimed at the development of high quality and at the same time easy to use, intuitive and immediate software solutions.
Serving an extensive portfolio of clients, Lasersoft solutions are utilized in over 17,000 hotels, restaurants, table and quick service restaurants, retail, leisure and entertainment. Lasersoft combines its industry knowledge and expertise to provide cloud-based, mobile and on premise solutions that allow its clients to streamline operations and successfully engage their customers.
The winning recipe with which Lasersoft develops its products remained unchanged over time : Passion , Experience , Research, Respect and Care for the customer’s needs.

Fülle (Connectill)

Fülle provides wholesalers, resellers and distributors an entire ecosystem of applications that enable merchants to manage billing, collection and sales data analysis. The cash register is an Android application that adapts every types of businesses like Restaurants, Bakery, Pub, Grocery, Hairdresser, Beautician, Food Truck, Flower Shop, Clothing Shop… Fülle also offers an application that installs directly on Telium TETRA terminals and is perfectly suited for use at restaurants, food trucks, festivals and sports events.
The Management space allows the trader a real time follow-up of its sales, the management of its product catalogue, accounting and inventory. The administration space is completely dedicated to the distributor and facilitates the management of licenses and their maintenance. Fülle offers its applications to banks, wholesalers in banking terminals as well as specialists in electronic banking. Fülle’s applications are already available in France and the company plans to expand the distribution of its products to the European market from next year.


Tiller is a French leading cloud based POS & smart register software on iPad for merchants. This NF525 software is composed of a simple and intuitive ordering app combined with real time data analysis and business intelligence. Their target customers range from small businesses to key accounts, for whom Tiller provides an ajustable system to answer all of their different clients needs with its functionalities and partnerships that are integrated to a single dashboard’s AppMarket. Tiller is made for the merchants who wish to simplify and optimize their establishment management by accessing, remotely and in real-time, data analysis tools on a smart POS that will help them steer their business and improve their customer experience.


PayTel is a leading company in the Polish market in the field of value added services: payment card services, electronic top-ups and payments for mass exhibitors’ bills. The company has its own terminal applications and its own infrastructure, based on the world-tested central system. PayTel also have our own programming team, customer service center and, among others, terminal management system. Therefore, in many processes, eg service or installation of devices, Paytel is able to deliver faster and more effectively.


Payplaza has developed a wide range of solutions that can be used around the world. White labeled or end to end, just the way you want it. Tailor made solutions are developed on request. Payplaza is enabling you to control your business and help your business to expand with our solutions and network. PayPlaza is a leading global payment software company managed and driven by professionals each having over 20 years experience in the financial and payment industry.
Since 2010 PayPlaza has developed a revolutionary payment platform encompassing unique solutions for Point-of-Sale card acceptance. From 2012 PayPlaza Solutions have been rolled out across Europe offering powerful advantages for our partners and clients. The PayPlaza platform is PCI level 1 certified and includes full encryption technology matching the highest possible international security regulations. Over 2017 Payplaza processed transactions valuing 1,25 Billion Euro’s. In 2018 PayPlaza will proces +100 million transactions valuing an amount of 2 Billion Euros in Europe and the US.